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Motorsport Plus strives to be on the cutting edge of exclusive motorsport content, opinions and lifestyle.
Full of in-depth insight, features, analysis and opinion, we aim to get you into the garages of motorsport teams throughout the land, on the dirt, the tarmac, the gravel and even on the water.



Gary - Scorpion Racecars Ltd.

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In this age of big budgets, wind tunnels and exotic materials, it can be easy to forget that there’s a breed of racers who work with their own hands in home garages, and who dig into their own pockets to pay for parts, accessories and supplies.

Motorsport Plus is the ideal platform to reach your audience with up- to-the-minute, actionable ads, supplementing your print campaign within the pages of Motorsport Plus . As an EXTRA, our advertisiers can gain the same access to the Motorsport Plus social media platforms and digital capabilities.

Isn’t marketing just another name for great story telling? Communicating emotion?

Motorsport Plus offers an in-house, native content creation and content marketing agency. Story telling is at the heart of what we do. That’s probably why automotive, motorsport and consumer brands have asked us to tell their story through the unique lens and voice of Motorsport Plus. With authority, insight and, most importantly, validation, Motorsport Plus is uniquely able to deliver brand messages that are engaging, compelling and enjoyable to read or watch.


We validate authentic motorsport values, experiences and its aspirational culture.


We connect products & services with real users who value the contribution brands make to sustain the sport they participate in and love.


We are influencers who reinforce positive perceptions of the sport and of its participants.

Motorsport Plus readers aren’t passive;they’re behind the wheel and turning the wrenches.


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We believe our work speaks for itself.

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We’re always looking for great content, be that general motorsport news, technical insights or featured articles. So if you’re interested in writing for us on a one-off or regular basis, please get in contact. We can showcase your work to our readers and on occasion offer media passes to events and races, opportunities to interview drivers and bonuses including merchandise and race tickets.

Please send us an email detailing what you’d like to write about, how often and some previous examples of your work to: marketing@motosportplus.co.nz


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